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More than just downward dog


Empower yourself by cultivating clarity in mind, and strength & flexibility in body.


Connect to inner calm, focus and spirit through ancient wisdom and practice.


Remember your best self by stripping away the BS and coming into what you intuitively value. 


I won't lie. I stumbled across yoga as a teenager because I wanted to lose weight. It never really played a big part in my life until in 2014, whilst living in the UK, a new friend introduced me into the world of yoga beyond what I thought it could offer. Since then yoga has tested me, grounded me, built me up and asked me to surrender to my true calling. 

I know that I have been put here in this place at this time to allow others to grow into themselves through yoga. Together, let's get you into your own body, to feel how it feels to be connected to your breath, to learn how to be at peace with your mind, and to feel strong, curious and empowered. 

As a yoga teacher I won't train you to be a new earth warrior, because you already are one. I'll help you remember that. 

Buddha Statue

"I have very good experiences with Andrew. His technical skills and patience suits me and enhances my objectives in my practice. I feel energised and gain new knowledge.. It is hard to find a yoga teacher who has advanced technical skills, ability to understand the student and good communication skills during practice. I'm lucky to have met Andrew in Canberra.

A warrior is focused, purposeful, courageous and strong. Underlying it all however is connection, compassion, integrity and spirit. 

You are all of those things. Already.

Let's get going warrior. 



Bring yoga straight into the office! 
Whether it's the board room or the lawns outside, corporate yoga gives your team the time to focus on their wellbeing so that they can feel their best in the workplace. 

You provide a space, we bring the yoga.  

Your investment (prices)

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Love the collective energy of a group class? I'm teaching yoga classes across Canberra each week. Keep up to date via The Warrior Kind's facebook page. 


Wednesday 4.45pm - Men's Nude Yoga,  75min - Kingston 

Thursday 12.30pm - yoga flow, 45min - Club Lime Kingston
Friday 6.30am - here yo, 60 min - here. (Downer, ACT) 

Corporate and private classes run Tuesday - Friday.  


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1-to-1 YOGA

Allow one-on-one or small group privates to bring you the ultimate comfort and ease in your practice. You choose the space you want to practice in (online via video call? - totally fine!) and I'll work with you to build a tailored yoga, breathwork and meditation practice suited to your needs, your goals and who you want to be in your life. Perfect for beginners who want to start a new practice, or yogis who would like a personalised approach. 

Get in touch through email or phone and let's make it happen. I seriously can't wait to help you dabble, explore and delve into a personalised practice. Perfect for small groups or individuals.  




"Let the beauty you love be what you do"


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