Embodied Self Intimacy is the ultimate permission piece to feel what your body is wanting to feel. 


Nude, fully clothed, genital touch, not genital touch, full arousal or no arousal... there is no specific way to show up in self intimacy practice. 

Andrew will guide you into your body and into an embodiment practice where you create safety within you to feel sensations as they arise. This powerfully helps you to heal the past, embody the present and create the future. 

Nude Woman

Heal the Past

Regain aliveness from numbness​

Address premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, performance anxiety or sexual dysfunction

Learn to hold erotic charge to ignite your orgasm 



We create safety in your body to feel stuck feelings and sensations, move through stored trauma and let go of old stories. 



Embody the Present

Connect your sex to your spirit - your sexuality is a fundamental aspect of your spiritual connection.


Connect to your desires and let go of conditioning holding you back

Explore your different aspects -  Sacred slut? Dark penetrator? What else? 

Breath, movement, sound and touch anchor you into feeling your aliveness exactly how it shows up. 

BW Portrait of a Man

Create the Future 

Trust the body to make empowered decisions

Learn sex magick rituals to powerfully manifest your dreams 

Use your sexual energy to charge your creativity. 


When you heal the past and embody the present your capacity to create the future  you truly desire ignites. 

Embodied Self Intimacy Practice is guided via zoom (anywhere in the world) or face to face in Canberra, Australia. Andrew remains clothed throughout the entire practice, anchoring as your guide into your experience. Book a discovery call now to: 

  • Further understand the practice; 

  • Discuss your intentions behind undertaking this powerful work into your eros;

  • Have your questions answered.

Discovery calls last approx 25 minutes, are free of charge and free of obligation.